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We now carry a great selection of canvases and although we have a large inventory it is almost impossible to keep in stock all designs at all times. We will send you all ordered canvases available and backorder the missing ones a.s.a.p. unless you inform us to cancel.

Wholesale Info: We strive to ‘protect’ our existing Wholesale Customers (Retail Stores) and therefore offer an exclusivity restriction to the store’s Zip Code and avoid selling the identical canvas to a shop in the same zip code. Contact us at: shop@creativeneedle.com for any questions you have. New shops are always welcome!!!

Retail Info: We will consider each retail inquiry and refer the customer to a needlepoint shop in their area that keeps a good inventory of our canvases to choose from.


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PAYMENT DUE DATE is 30 days after invoice date. Late payment might result in C.O.D. shipment on future orders. Protect Your Credit.
We do not have a ‘minimum’ order – will charge $8.00 shipping for all orders small or large.